Beyond the beauty captured, there is kindness and love, and that is what I hope to extend to every client that I serve. 



Years ago I read a book in which the author beautifully illustrated her desire for a life where work and play mingle together so eloquently that the two can't possibly be separated. This is the goal for my life and my business. I have created a humble business that is authentic to who I am. I pride myself on forming genuine relationships with my clients, maintaining a laid-back yet organized approach to the wedding day, and offering superb customer service to the small amount of clients that I take on.

On a personal level, I am always laughing, ridiculously transparent, and easy going. I am happiest when I am dreaming and planning. We have two children who are full of energy and, on most days, hate to be photographed (I guess that's what happens when you take too many pictures of them when they are babies). It is my personal hope to inspire others, to love well, and to bring kindness and happiness into the lives of as many people as I can.


Eric is the official "bag man", reflector holder, drink-getter, list carrier, and outside of the box thinker at every wedding that I photograph.  He is my other half, and the main reason that I am even able to do what I love. He supports me like no other. When he's not carrying my bags and equipment around, he's running his own successful construction business (or working on random projects that his crazy wife came up with).